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Welcome Doomer

Welcome to the website of clan [QnB] Quick 'n Brite, a European Zdaemon clan. We made this website in order to keep interested people updated on happenings and developments within clan [QnB]. It also provides information of our members, wads in development and results of our clan in scrimmages and tournaments.

Feel free to look around! You can start navigating the site by using the menu above or by clicking the buttons left and right of the page.

Looking for a clan to join? Maybe [QnB] can help you out with that! We're always looking for new talent to join our clan. The most important aspect when we consider new members is that can get along and have fun together. Skill is less important, however it is something we take in consideration as well. Want more information about joining? Drop an e-mail at info@quicknbrite.org or come by our Zdaemon irc channel sometime. The channel in which we lurk is #qnb.

Maybe you're from another Zdaemon clan and you're looking for a clan to play against? That can be arranged as well! Drop by our channel on Zdaemon irc (#qnb) or contact one of our members and ask! If we have sufficient talent ready to battle, we'll surely accept. If you prefer setting something up beforehand, you can also contact us in Zdaemon IRC or drop an e-mail at info@quicknbrite.org. Note for clans located outside of Europe: we only play on European servers!

See you all on the battlefield!

Clan Quick 'n Brite


Recent Record

  • Clan : Total Points - Flags - Result
  • vs UBR : 1091 - 14 - Won
  • vs UBR : 776 - 14 - Won
  • vs dp: 550 - 15 - Won